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2019 anti-collision hook traction ring trailer safeti hook

  • China
  • Alloy Steel,Carbon Steel
  • Trailer hook
  • Direct selling, sales agency, distribution and network sales
  • Safety latch
  • U.S. Fed.Spec.RR-C-271
  • Good quality
  • 3-15 Days
  • Color-painted
  • Cartons,pallets or custom packaging
  • Lifting Fittings
  • TTH01-2
Product Description
Product Description


Direct Screw-on Mod-Free Application For with Tow Hook Opening On The Stock Bumper Can Be Used For Both Front and Rear Tow Hook

7.2"Long With the Ring Unfold
1.5" Long for the Threading

European/ Japanese Sporty Racing Style,
Special Functional Foldable Designed
Super Easy Fast Installation
Direct Screw On Application

Made Of High Quality& Light Weight Billet CNC Machined Aluminum Anodized Finished Color
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