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Loader Scale

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As a kind of common construction machinery, loader is mainly used for shoveling soil, sand, lime, coal and other bulk materials, and it can also be used for light shoveling of ore and hard soil. You must be very curious, how to calculate the weight of each shovel of loader? Weighing one shovel after another? Unrealistic! Weighing together after handling? Too troublesome! So, how can weighing be fast, efficient and accurate? Of course, it depends on today's high technology -- loader scale!

Loader scale is a kind of electronic weighing equipment installed on wheel loader to measure loading capacity. It can provide the single shovel value, cumulative value and other loading information of the weighed materials, and print the list. At the same time of loading, it can dynamically and synchronously reflect the loading quantity, so as to help customers quickly and cost effectively complete the weighing operation, accurately load and unload, eliminate overload and improve work efficiency.

Loader scale is the most common name for industrial weighing equipment of loader in industrial industry. It is also called loader electronic scale weigh scale, loader scale, forklift scale, forklift scale weighing scale, etc. it is generally composed of sensor weighing load cell, position switch and on-board weighing instrument.

1) Pressure sensor: measure the pressure change of loader hydraulic system;

2) Position switch: when the boom is lifted to the proximity switch, the system collects the pressure data;

3) On board weighing display instrument: calculate the weighing data and display the weighing result on the screen of the instrument.

Working principle:

The pressure change of the loader hydraulic system is measured by the pressure sensor / transmitter. The system collects the pressure data, and completes the weighing operation by converting the on-board weighing instrument into the weight of the loading bucket. The measurement accuracy of the pressure sensor / transmitter is greatly improved compared with that of the weighing sensor load cell, and the safety is also reliably guaranteed.

Ningbo SAINTBOND The cyb-302 series sensors developed and produced are mainly used in loader / forklift electronic scale. After the corresponding electronic scale is installed on the loader, the automatic weighing and measurement can be carried out during loading and unloading operation, which has significant effect on strengthening loading operation management, preventing overload and underload, improving loading and unloading operation efficiency and benefit, and ensuring the safety of vehicle transportation. This series of products have the following characteristics:

◎High sensitivity and precision;

◎Using sputtered thin film pressure sensitive element;

◎Low power consumption, no hysteresis and good repeatability;

◎Wide temperature range and good long-term stability;

◎Excellent impact resistance, overload resistance, vibration resistance and corrosion resistance;


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