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Loader weighing system

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Loader weighing system

1:Function of loader weighing system

Loader weighing system is a new type of electronic scale, which is generally divided into two parts, signal acquisition part and signal processing and display part. It can weigh coal or coke, nonferrous ore, earthwork, granite or marble, sand and building material additives. The weighing system of loaders produced by Keda weighing instrument is an automatic weighing device for loading and unloading materials. So that the loading locomotive can load and unload goods according to the plan, save time, prevent overload and over transportation, reduce equipment wear, reduce transportation cost and improve work efficiency.

The loader includes: Loader weighing system, special oil pressure transmitter, loader weighing instrument (weighing sensor), loader weighing electronic scale

2: Composition of loader weighing system

2.1 special oil pressure transmitter (or oil pressure sensor) for loader weighing system,Anti overload, anti vibration, insulation, anti-interference and other good performance,Customers can choose oil pressure transmitter or oil pressure sensor

The signal is large and easy to convert. High precision and good stability. Good anti vibration, shock and overload capacity. Strong anti-interference ability, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, small temperature drift.

2.2. Loader weighing instrument (display function, print function)

All Chinese information can be set, such as unit of measurement, weigher, goods variety, and can be printed directly,Cumulative loading weight setting and display, alarm function; single bucket weight weighing and cumulative, display function

The function of selecting or inputting truck model and truck number; the function of inputting operator, loader number and loading station code;

Operation time (year, month, day, hour, minute) recording function; operation basic data storage and printing function, All stainless steel shell, anti-collision, anti-corrosion, dust-proof. Use the loader power supply. Overweight alarm function.

Dynamic sampling and fuzzy algorithm are used to realize dynamic calibration and dynamic weighing without stopping the bucket

You can input different customer names in Chinese, up to 1000 storage records. 1000 records can be queried for single cumulative weight.

Double hydraulic sensors and high-precision A / D converter are used for higher accuracy.

Humanized design is adopted. After the information is set, the weighing process is automatically accumulated without manual operation. Automatic setting or manual setting can be set.

240×128 dot matrix large screen LCD is used to display clearly. Instrument backlight display, button backlight display, convenient for night or tunnel use.

All Chinese menu prompt and Chinese help information. All Chinese Pinyin input, you can input any unit name, type of goods, weighing staff and other information and print.

Wireless device can be installed to access the weighing cumulative information from the management center

3:Parameters of loader weighing system

Range 0-100Mpa

Safety overload 120 ~ 300%

SensitIvity 1.5-2.0mv/v

Sensitivity temperature drift ± 0.03% FS / ℃

Power supply 10 ~ 12V DC (recommended)

Zero temperature drift ± 0.03% FS / ℃

Ambient temperature - 30 ~ + 90 ℃

Accuracy ± 0.1%; ± 0.2%; ± 0.5%

Bridge arm resistance 350Ω

Pressure interface m20x1.5; G3 / 8;

Insulation resistance ≥ 5000m Ω (50V DC)

Conductor Φ 5.5x5m

Protection grade IP68

4:Principle of loader weighing system

From the perspective of loader weighing instrument: in the process of tipping bucket lifting, the pressure sensor transmits the signal to the computer for data conversion and processing; when the locomotive shovels the goods, the big arm immediately retracts at the starting point, and the display immediately displays the weight of the goods; when the locomotive dumps the goods, the screen displays the accumulated weight; when the tipping bucket drops at the starting point, the screen displays the shipment The total cumulative weight of the object.

In terms of structure, the weighing system of loader consists of two parts: signal acquisition part and signal processing and display part. The signal acquisition part is generally realized by sensor or transmitter, and the accuracy of signal acquisition is very important for the weighing accuracy of loader.


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