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Problems and questions of six component force sensor in application

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Problems and questions of six component force sensor in application

As a research object that is still in the development trend, multi-dimensional force sensor has excellent performance in intelligent robot. There are still many problems in the research and development of multi-dimensional force sensor and the application of multi-dimensional force sensor. It is also a difficult problem in the scientific research of new multi-dimensional force sensor load cell,

1:Unable to create analytical solid model for multidimensional force sensor weighing load cell. Because the multi-dimensional force sensor is a very complex structure, it is difficult to create an analytical solid model and obtain the basic theoretical solution, which makes it difficult to develop a new structure and optimize the structure. To solve the analytical solution of the sensor is of key practical significance for the complete analysis of the characteristics of the multi-dimensional force sensor at all levels, and promotes a variety of design schemes to be more purposeful and specific, but does not completely rely on the work experience and Inspiration of the design scheme staff.

2:Scientific research on static and dynamic properties of polyurethane elastomer. Most of the previous scientific research is focused on the static data characteristics of the sensor weighing load cell. With the rapid, light, medium and small development trend of multi-dimensional force sensor, the scientific research on dynamic characteristics seems to be more and more critical. In terms of dynamic characteristics, in recent years, China has done more in-depth scientific research and achieved some results. In order to improve the dynamic characteristics of the sensor weighing load cell, it is necessary to improve the kurtosis of the multi-dimensional force sensor, and improving the kurtosis represents reducing the sensitivity of the weighing load cell sensor, so it is a difference.

3:Most of today's multi-dimensional force sensors weighing load cell have the problem of inter dimensional integration. Although there are many optimization algorithms to carry out disaster solving and dynamic compensation for in-situ stress results, and obtain very good effect in low-frequency data signal, it must be complicated to solve disaster and dynamic compensation technology, and the actual effect is not very good when the data signal frequency is high. Multi dimensional force sensors not only have different static data characteristics at each level, but also have very big differences in dynamic characteristics, especially in different levels.

Application of six component force sensor weighing load cell:

There are many terms for six component force sensor, such as "multi component force sensor", "six axis force sensor", "six component sensor", "six load / torque sensor", etc., which are collectively referred to as six component force sensor. As a new type of sensor, it has been widely used in many industries of engineering project practice activities, which has created rich economic development and social and economic benefits.

Car and construction industry: wheel multi force sensor used in car road data acquisition system, tire force measuring equipment used in tire tester, driver and passenger endurance test, brake pedal test, active floating control, force measuring service platform, vibration digestion and absorption test, etc.

Application of six component force sensor load cell:

Industrial production: it is used for accurate measurement of industrial production, veranda tracking, precise machinery and equipment installation and two hand harmony, Such as burring, CNC lathe measuring instrument, working condition supervision, automatic production line installation and multi force sensor for metal material drilling CNC lathe scientific research, accurate measurement of milling force, drilling force, cutting force and cutting force and other force information content.

Diagnosis and treatment: high precision surgical treatment experimental instrument for intelligent robot surgery and plastic surgery scientific research.

Intelligent robot: wrist force sensor used to accurately measure the force size of the object, force measurement service platform used to detect the position and direction at any time, joint force / torque sensor weighing load cell, finger pressure sensor installed on the touch surface of the finger end of the tail electric actuator to accurately measure the relative force information, and submarine work And other extreme natural environment of the remote control practical operation, with the role of a force control of the industrial manipulator.


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