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Some "partitions" should be set around the multi-dimensional force sensor as far as possible

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Some "partitions" should be set around the multi-dimensional force sensor as far as possible

The application of multi-dimensional force sensor weighing load cell is everywhere, because the resistor strain force weighing sensor load cell  itself is a solid, durable, reliable electrical products, but in order to better ensure the detection precision, but there are still many problems to pay attention to in the application, so what matters should be paid attention to when using the force sensor? In the following part, we will describe the nine problems that must be noticed in the application of multi-dimensional force sensor weigh load cell:

1:As far as possible, some "partitions" should be set around the multi-dimensional force sensor weigh load cell, and even a thin metal sheet should be used to cover the force sensor. In this way, the force sensor and some moving parts can be prevented from being contaminated by dirt. This kind of "dirt" usually makes the moving part of the fitness exercise uncomfortable and endangers the weighing precision. Whether the system software has the uncomfortable condition of fitness exercise can be identified in the following ways. That is to say, add or subtract about one thousandth of the rated value load on the scale platform to see if the display instrument is reflected, which indicates that the moving part is not "dirty".

2:All transmission lines leading to or from the display information power supply circuit shall be shielded twisted pair. The connection and grounding address of shielded cable shall be valid. If the device is not grounded according to the mechanical equipment structure, the device is grounded outside, but the device is not grounded after the shielded cables are connected with each other, which is suspended. Note: there are three force sensors with full parallel connection method. The force sensor itself is a 4-wire system, but it is replaced by a 6-wire connection method in the terminal block. The reading power circuit of the output data signal of the force sensor should not be put in the same shell with the equipment that can cause obvious influence (such as "controllable silicon, AC contactor, etc.) and the machinery and equipment that have abundant heat. If this can not be ensured, the baffle should be set between them for protection, and the cooling fan should be installed in the box body. The electronic circuit for accurately measuring the output data signal of the force sensor should be equipped with a separate power supply system transformer as far as possible, instead of using the same main switching power supply with the AC contactor and other mechanical equipment.

3:The multi-dimensional force sensor weighing load cell should use hinged copper core wire (with a cross section of about 50mm2) to generate electrical equipment bypass, so as to protect them from the damage caused by arc welding current or lightning stroke. In the application of force sensor weighing load cell, it is necessary to prevent obvious radiant heat, especially on one side.

4:The protective grounding layer (such as the communication cable of the weighing load cell force sensor, which is not arranged in parallel with the weak current power plug or control line (for example, it is not necessary to place the power line of the force sensor, the weak current power plug and control line in the same pipe). If they must be placed in parallel, then the distance between them should be maintained above 50cm, and the power cord should be covered with metal hose.

5:As far as possible, select the structural parts with the function of full-automatic precise positioning (calibration), such as ball rolling bearing, spherical plain bearing, precise positioning tightening device, etc. They're able to avoid some cross force effects on the sensors. It should be indicated that some transverse forces are not caused by the installation of mechanical equipment, such as those caused by thermal deformation, wind speed, and the vibration of the mixing device on some container electronic weighing apparatus, that is, they are not caused by the installation of mechanical equipment. Some electronic weighing instruments must receive the accessories on the weighing scale body (such as the feeding pipeline of the container scale, etc.), we should make them as soft as possible in the position where the sensor is loaded into the spindle bearing, so as to prevent them from "swallowing" the real load of the sensor load cell and causing deviation.

6:Handle with care, especially for the small volume sensor load cell made of polyurethane elastomer made of aluminum alloy. All impact and falling may cause great harm to its metrological verification characteristics. For large space tension pressure sensor, generally speaking, it has a large weight, so it is stipulated that appropriate hoisting machinery and equipment (such as manual hoist, electric hoist, etc.) should be used as far as possible during transportation and installation. The mounting surface of the sensor base should be leveled and cleaned, without any oil slick, adhesive tape, etc. The mounting base itself should have sufficient compressive strength and stiffness, which is generally higher than the compressive strength and bending stiffness of the sensor load cell itself.


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