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The use of pin-type digital push-pull dynamometer load pin

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The use of pin-type digital push-pull dynamometer load pin

Axle-pin digital push-pull dynamometer is an earlier product used in measuring force, and has now formed a fixed specification. However, in the past research, many people feel that it has the shortcoming of inherent nonlinearity, so it is rarely explored in depth. In recent years, with the development of understanding, I feel that it is a good choice for force measurement, because it has many unique advantages in processing and application. The following summarizes and introduces:

1:The structure is simple and compact, small in size, light in weight, sturdy and durable, and has a long service life. It is difficult to have in other structures, so its material consumption and man-hour consumption are small, and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2:The geometric shape of the elastomer load cell block is simple, and the design calculation, mechanical processing and surface treatment are very simple. Many manufacturers can produce this product.

3:Good rigidity, high natural frequency, good dynamic response, and obvious effect in the measurement of dynamic force.

4:The measuring axis coincides with the load direction, and there is no influence and restriction on it by the fixed boundary conditions. Therefore, the product is much smaller than any other structure, and the output non-repeatability error and hysteresis error are also much reduced.

5:After the single-layer diaphragm or double-layer diaphragm is welded and sealed in the process, it has a good anti-side and torsion ability. Therefore, its azimuth error can be made smaller than any other structural sensor.

6: It is not sensitive to vibration. Generally, 3g vibration is allowed under the definition of general use. The overload resistance and impact resistance are better than any other sensors load cell with other structures, and the product is not easy to damage.

7:Axle pin digital display push-pull dynamometer load cell has the following characteristics:

7.1.The elastic element is an integral hollow section round shaft, with compact structure, simple geometric shape, and easy to process with high size and shape accuracy;

7.2.The hollow section has strong resistance to torsion and bending, and the stress at the neutral axis of the shaft pin is large;

7.3.When the hollow section shaft pin bears vertical and horizontal bending, the section with zero bending moment is in the same section;

7.4.When designing a larger capacity, the center hole is also larger, and the double-shear type electric cathode strain gauge can be pasted in the hole, which is well protected and can be vacuum-filled with inert gas sealing process;


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