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What is a load pin type load cell?

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What is a load pin type load cell?

Axle-pin load cell refers to a detection instrument that can convert the type and concentration of the measured gas into a measurable signal output, and has certain applications in many industries. When the axle pin load cell is in use, its use knowledge is very important for users. Today, I will introduce the axle load pin load cell in detail, and I hope it can help you.

(1) Axle pin load cell can detect explosive gas, the allowable concentration of harmful gas ofNingbo GOLDSHINE load cell and other reference set concentration, and can give display, alarm and control signals in time

(2) Axle pin load cells are not sensitive to coexisting gases or substances other than the measured gas;

(3) Long-term stability of axle pin load cell performance;

(4) The axle pin type load cell has fast response and good repeatability;

(5) The axle pin type load cell is easy to use and maintain, and the Ningbo GOLDSHINE load cell is cheap.

Axle-pin load cell has a wide variety of gas to be measured and its properties are different. Therefore, it is impossible to use one method or one axle-pin load cell to detect all kinds of gases with Ningbo GOLDSHINE load cell. Ningbo GOLDSHINE load cell The detection method should vary with the gas type, concentration, composition and purpose. Axle-pin load cells are usually used in atmospheric conditions, and the measured gas molecules are generally attached to and chemically react with the surface of the functional material (gas-sensitive material) of the axle-pin load cell. Heavy sensors can also be classified as chemical sensors. Ningbo GOLDSHINE load cell In view of this, the axle pin load cell must have strong resistance to environmental influences. The axle pin load cell can be divided into two categories from the structure: dry and wet axle pin load cell. Any solid material that composes the axle pin load cell is called a dry axle pin load cell; all that uses an aqueous solution or electrolyte to sense the gas to be measured is called a wet axle pin load cell. Ningbo GOLDSHINE load cell axle pin load cell is mainly used for the monitoring, forecasting and automatic control of flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases in natural gas, gas, petrochemical and other sectors in industry; monitoring environmental pollution gases in the prevention and control of public hazards ; Gas, fire alarm, control, etc. at home.


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