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What is the output signal of load cell?

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Load cell output is: measurable electrical signal.

Load cell is actually a device that converts the mass signal into measurable electrical signal for output. The actual working environment of the sensor should be considered before using the sensor, which is very important for the correct selection of the weighing sensor. It is related to the normal operation of the sensor, its safety and service life, and even the reliability and safety of the whole weighing instrument.

In terms of the basic concepts and evaluation methods of the main technical indexes of load cells, there are qualitative differences between the new and old national standards. There are S-type, cantilever type, spoke type, plate ring type, capsule type, bridge type, cylinder type and so on.

Extended information:

Common materials

The performance of load cell largely depends on the choice of manufacturing materials. The material of load cell includes the following parts: strain gauge material, elastomer material, patch adhesive material, sealant material, lead sealing material and lead material.

1: Material of resistance element

Strain gauge is the sensing part of the load cell, which converts the external force into electrical output. It is the most important part of the sensor. The commonly used strain gauge base material is polymer film material, and the strain material is usually high-purity constantan. The performance of strain gauge is not only related to the purity of base material and constantan, but also related to the manufacturing process. Improving the technology level is also a very important aspect to improve the sensor performance.

2: Elastomer load cell block material

The function of load cell elastomer is to transfer the external force, it must have the same deformation when it is subjected to the same force, because the strain gauge is pasted on the elastomer, and the deformation of the elastomer is the deformation of the strain gauge; at the same time, it must also have the reset property, which can automatically reset when the external force disappears. Elastomer materials are usually made of various metals, mainly aluminum alloy, stainless steel and alloy steel.?


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