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pvc strip curtain

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All kinds of types:

a.Standard pvc curtains

b.Polor door curtains

c.Welding screen curtains

d.Anti-static door curtains

e.Anti-insect PVC curtains

f.Opaque PVC curtains

g.Translucent PVC(Frosted PVC)

h.Folding PVC curtains

Do you offer Sample?

Hi,dear,we could offer sample for free,you pay the freight is enough.


1. flexible, clear 2. dust-proof 3. fume-proof 4. cold-resistant

5. anti-insect 6. anti-static 7. UV-proof 8. wind-proof

Benifits of using PVC strip curtain

1.Increase energy savings 2.Streamline workflow 3.Manage environments

4.Improve employee and customer comfort 5.Separate temperatures


PVC strip curtain are used for family hotels, restaurants, food processing plants, fresh processing center, beverage processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, a variety of insect repellent place, a variety of workplace of health and safety.

What kind of door do I need?

Suitablefor all environments. From cold storage to personnel doors and from air curtains to traffic doors, Some of the more common door types are: 1.Warehouse Strip Doors 2.Restaurant Swinging Doors 3.Industrial Curtains

4.Overhead Doors 5.Partitions 6.Cold Storage Doors 7.Air Curtains/Air Doors