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10 methods for daily maintenance of Ningbo SAINTBOND floor scales10 tips

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10 methods for daily maintenance of Ningbo SAINTBOND floor scales:
1: The meter should be grounded separately, and the grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms;
2: The AC voltage is required to be stable, and there should be a regulated power supply;
3: It is strictly forbidden to unplug and plug signal cables in the instrument studio;
4: The car must be loaded on the weighing platform at a constant speed, with a speed limit of 5 kilometers per hour, and it is forbidden to brake suddenly on the weighing platform;
5: In the rainy season, check the water storage condition frequently, do not allow water in the foundation pit, and keep the drainage channel unblocked;
6: When the weighman is off duty, disconnect the power of the instrument (unplug it);
7: Check the limit device regularly, and keep the limit gap at 3-4mm;
8: Regularly clean the underside of the weighing platform to prevent foreign objects from jamming the weighing platform;
9: If you are not using a lightning-proof floor scale, it is forbidden to use the truck scale during a thunderstorm, and you need to unplug the power supply. It is forbidden to park the vehicle on the scale to prevent lightning strikes;
10: When the meter fluctuates abnormally or the measurement is inaccurate, check whether the signal line is damaged, and check whether a cheating device is artificially installed.


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