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1000 kilogram weights code protection method

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It is necessary to ensure that the warehouse where the weights are placed should be clean and dry, and ensure a certain temperature and humidity.

The second is that when the weights are stored, wooden boards should be laid on the bottom, and the upper part should be covered with cloth or film to prevent the weights from directly contacting the ground and being damp and corroded.

Third, we must do a good job in daily inspection and maintenance, and regularly observe and record. Daily maintenance requires more than long-term storage and one-time maintenance to prevent the continued spread of rust on the surface of the weight. Rub the cotton yarn with engine oil until the surface is shiny.

Fourth, check the accuracy of the weights regularly. Use a balance with a higher accuracy to weigh the processed weights, calculate the reduced mass, unscrew the screws on the weights, make up with tin wires, and then screw on the screws. That is, to prevent the weights from being inaccurate when used.


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