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Analysis of market competition status of load cell

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Relevant experts pointed out that the main science and technology in this field will continue to expand and improve on the existing basis. Countries will also compete to speed up the development and industrialization of new generation sensors in response to the demand of productivity development. The competition will also become increasingly fierce. The global sensor market is showing a trend of rapid growth in the changing innovation.

The development of new sensor technologies will redefine the future sensor market, such as the emergence and market share expansion of new sensors such as optical fiber sensors, intelligent sensors, wireless sensors and metal oxide sensors. Some sensor markets, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, flow sensors and level sensors, have shown the characteristics of mature markets. The market scale of load cell, flow sensor, pressure sensor and temperature sensor is the largest. At present, the market share of sensors in China is relatively large, such as industrial control field, multimedia image field, environmental protection field, facility agriculture, military field, etc. According to the prediction of the Institute of Microelectronics of China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, the sales volume of China's sensor market will reach 90.5 billion yuan this year. In the next five years, the average sales growth rate of the domestic sensor market will reach 31%.

The overall development of sensor technology in China will be characterized by high precision, integration, digitization, miniaturization, surface acoustic wave sensor, micro machining technology, etc. At the same time, the domestic market prospect of sensors will also be developed in the direction of accelerating the development of new materials, wide temperature range, high reliability, micro power consumption and passivity. During this period, sensitive materials and intelligent material systems, nano mechanical devices and other chemical sensors will continue to emerge.


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