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Analysis of the causes of the complaints of the weight balance dispute

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Analysis of the causes of the complaints of the weight balance dispute

1. In the process of dynamic automobile scale verification, we should analyze the data of each equipment. Even if the indication error is within the allowable range, our verification personnel will revise the data to the agreed true value, and avoid positive deviation as far as possible. Taking a toll station as an example, although the first inspection pass rate is only 40%, the negative deviation accounts for the majority, and the deviation is within ± 2%. According to the current charging standards, such as 40 tons of approved load, 100 km travel, only about 5 yuan of charge access, and some of the toll stations have more access

The total value tends to be balanced. If the driver can balance at a speed of 5km/h as required, the charge error caused by weight calculation will be less. Therefore, the weight charge of most vehicles has no obvious impact.

2. However, when the road administration law enforcement is based on the weight calculation charge, even the positive deviation of dynamic truck scale within the allowable tolerance will result in a fine of 500 yuan to 5000 yuan exceeding the limit, which will escalate the contradiction and cause the complaints of the weight calculation dispute.

According to statistics, the highest frequency of complaints is two toll stations of Yangtze River Bridge in our province. For a long time, there have been road administration law enforcement to deal with overload and over limit based on the weighing of the weight of the toll; Most of the complaints are: when the weight is overloaded, it leads to road administration punishment, and the toll station does not allow the weighing; If the bridge stipulates that the total weight exceeds 55 tons, vehicles are prohibited from passing, and it must be bypassed or unloaded. It can be said that the inherent contradictions in the road transportation industry are mainly reflected in the accuracy of the weight charging system.

3. The measurement characteristics of dynamic highway vehicle automatic weighing device are not symmetrical with the relevant regulations of the traffic department.

The collection of road maintenance fee is to set the charge base of each ton of KM according to the vehicle type, axle load and total load, and then multiply the total mass by kilometers. For vehicles within 30% of the limit (including 30%), toll shall be charged according to the weight calculation rate of normal vehicles; For vehicles exceeding 30%, toll shall be charged for the normal mass and over limit 30% of the vehicles at the weight rate of normal vehicles, and the rest shall be charged according to 1.5 times to 3 times of the basic rate. Road administration also takes over 30% of the limit as the basis for punishment. The dynamic accuracy of dynamic truck scale is expressed by relative precision, and the national metrological verification regulation JJG 907-2006

According to the provisions of dynamic truck scale, the allowable error in the use of dynamic level 5 is ± 5%. When the total vehicle weight is called 50t, the allowable error is ± 2.5t, that is, the weighing result is allowed to be within 47.5t to 52.5t. If there is a truck, the total weight of the agreed true value is 50 tons, and the dynamic truck scale weighs 52 tons. According to the measurement characteristics of the dynamic truck scale, the measurement of the weighing equipment is qualified. However, more than 50 tons will be subject to fines from road officials and charges higher than the basic rates, which, of course, will cause complaints.


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