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Application fields of load cells

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The resistance strain type weighing sensor has simple structure, high accuracy, wide application and can be used in relatively poor environment. Therefore, the resistance strain type weighing sensor has been widely used in the weighing instrument. Load cells can be used in many fields, such as weighing instrument manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, food production, machinery manufacturing, paper making, steel, transportation, mining, cement, textile and other industries. In traditional industries, such fields as material tank, hopper weighing, reaction kettle, platform scale, electronic scale, belt scale, weighbridge, crane, sorter, packaging scale, TMR feed mixer, proportioning weighing, etc. New industries are generally used in IoT weighing, such as: intelligent trash bin weighing, vending machine, storage shelf, unmanned supermarket, automatic canning, intelligent weighing shopping cart, canteen weighing system, on-board weighing system, medical bed weighing and other fields.


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