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Can the weight deviation of stainless steel lock weight be repaired?

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When you use stainless steel lock-shaped weights, if you do not use them according to the correct specifications, it is easy to cause problems with the quality of the weights. I don’t know if you have thought of this problem. If the quality of the weights is inaccurate, it can be repaired. NS? Let's take a look with the editor below!

When we use stainless steel lock weights, if we have any questions about the quality of stainless steel lock weights, we should send them to a professional measurement department for inspection and calibration. If there is a slight error in the quality of the stainless steel lock weight, we can adjust it to the standard weight. If the stainless steel weight is severely worn, in this case, it is recommended to buy it again, because the weight cannot make up for the weight.

For weights over F1, if they accidentally fall on the ground or collide, their mass value and accuracy will change. The greater the weight, the greater the impact on weight accuracy after a collision. Under normal circumstances, higher grade weights cannot be repaired after being damaged, so it is necessary to purchase new stainless steel weights.

Here, we need to remind everyone to pay attention to operating specifications when using stainless steel lock-shaped weights. First of all, we should check the stainless steel weights to be used, and check whether there are stains on the surface of the weights. If there are stains or dust on the surface, we should clean it up. Before use, check whether the weight of stainless steel is within the verification period. If the verification period has passed, we need to verify the stainless steel weight again, and continue to use it after the verification is qualified.

After we use the stainless steel lock weight, we should save and maintain it. Stainless steel weights should be placed in the corresponding weight box, checked and cleaned regularly, and recorded, and the damaged weights should be sent to the metrological verification department. Only after the stainless steel weights pass the test, we can continue to use them.


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