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Common categories and usage items of explosion-proof floor scale

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What is the explosion-proof floor scale? This is an electronic floor scale with explosion-proof function. It can eliminate the factors that may cause explosions to realize the explosion-proof function. It is often used in flammable and explosive places such as metallurgy and chemical storage.


The display screen of the explosion-proof floor scale adopts LCD display, high-impedance load cell, inside is equipped with an explosion-proof battery, which is powerful, not an ordinary battery, and can work continuously for 200 hours. It is a very good explosion-proof electronic device, suitable for weighing explosives. It has rich functions, simple and practical operation. 12 kinds of user parameters, 15 kinds of system parameters and 48 kinds of internal parameter settings, with rich functions and wide application. Keyboard calibration is easy to use. It can realize the self-checking function and can help weighing after peeling. The stainless steel shell is also very beautiful.

2: Scope and category

2.1: Composite intrinsically safe explosion-proof floor scale, it is suitable for 1/2 dangerous area, can be used in various weighing systems such as floor scales, truck scales, (hopper scales, belt scales, automatic loading scales, etc.).

2.2: Intrinsically safe explosion-proof floor scale, this type of floor scale is suitable for 11/12 hazardous explosion-proof scales, used for scales, junction boxes, and load cells.

2.3: Flameproof explosion-proof electronic scale, which is suitable for electronic platform scale, electronic ground scale, electronic truck scale and weighing module system. It can also be used in Class 1/2 hazardous areas.

2.4: Dust explosion-proof electronic scales, which are often used in dusty areas such as flour mills and explosion-proof use in flammable and explosive dust 21 and 22 hazardous areas.

3: Precautions for use

When using it, confirm the surrounding environment and the area where you are, confirm whether the type of floor scale to be used meets, and confirm the temperature and type, and use it in accordance with the rules and regulations.

The above is the introduction of explosion-proof floor scales. We understand and understand through its functions, categories and precautions. Then, if there is a demand, we can find the production company for purchase.


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