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Cylinder Filling Scale LPG Filling Scale Provider Electronic Filling Scales


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Powerful functions: In addition to meeting customers' various requirements on weighing accuracy and speed, various instruments and electrical accessories can be configured according to customer needs, which greatly expands the applicability of the product;

The structure design of the product itself is reasonable and simple, and the performance is stable. The filling liquid pipeline is made of stainless steel, which can be widely used for liquid cans with various characteristics;


Applicable Environment:

This series of explosion-proof filling scales is suitable for most explosive gas and explosive dust environments;


Typical Applications:

Liquid filling in explosion-proof environments in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, smelting, food processing and other industries; suitable for filling occasions with polluting, corrosive and foaming materials during filling.


Fast and slow dual-speed automatic quantitative filling;

Gross weight and net weight (automatic tare) method can be selected;

Manual and automatic modes can be selected, which is convenient for operation and maintenance;

Selection of working mode at or below the liquid level;

Pneumatic bottom valve and liquid cup design to ensure filling accuracy;

Command filling;

Automatic diagnosis, fault alarm function;

Allowable error detection, over-limit error alarm;

The fixed point can be adjusted;

Automatic peeling, which overcomes the impact of inconsistent container weight on accuracy;

Empty scale detection, if the empty barrel is too light or too heavy, it will alarm;

The lifting speed of the spray gun is adjustable;

Self-locking control, allowing filling after the spray gun is lowered into position;

When the spray gun is lowered, it will automatically rebound after touching the barrel;

Large operation buttons;


Technical Parameter:

Explosion-proof mark: Exdia IIB T4 Gb, Exib IIC T4 Gb;

Explosion-proof certificate number: GYB18.1875X

Rated filling weight: 20-1500kg;

Filling speed: related to the pipe diameter and material flow rate on site;

Graduation value: 0.05kg;

Weighing accuracy: ±2FS;

Compressed air: 0.5-0.7Mpa, 10m3/H;

Working environment: temperature: -10~+45, relative temperature 90%;

Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 1Kw;