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Description of explosion-proof sign of load cell

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Along with the development trend of weighing measurement and verification technology, weighing equipment has been widely used in crude oil, coal, chemical plants, pharmaceutical industry and other fields. In this field, there are many types of flammable and explosive materials in hazardous chemicals workplaces. In the production, transportation, storage and other stages, the processing process and weapons and equipment are complex, and the types of released sources are complex, It is difficult to clearly judge the actual risk source causing explosion.


Many production and manufacturing sites are very easy to cause flammable chemicals. About one third of the coal mines in the coal industry contain explosive chemicals, especially in the chemical industry. Most production lines contain explosive chemicals of different grades. In addition, oxygen is ubiquitous in the air. Many electrical instrument panels are used in the production process, such as sparks from mechanical equipment damage Electrostatic induction spark and friction spark, especially under the high temperature standard, when the latter type of instrument panel and electrical appliances have common faults.


The explosion-proof signs of the weighing sensor and weighing instrument that you actually master below indicate that:

All commodities with explosion-proof certificates must have explosion-proof marks to inform the customer of the type of qualification certificate or the certification

1: Explosion proof identification plate of load cell

It is worth mentioning that the definition of explosiveness: explosive natural environment generally refers to that under the air standard, risk chemicals produce a compound in the air in the form of morning fog, vapor, vapor or smoke, and when ignited, all unburned compounds will be transmitted when ignited.

Explosion proof weighing equipment plays a particularly important role in many fields. It includes weight sensors and electronic devices within weighing instruments. It is important to select explosion-proof products that meet the requirements according to the explosion natural environment. Proper model selection can ensure the personal safety of the people.


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