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Heavy module selection and installation plan+-4

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In general, the selection of weighing modules mainly depends on the following points:
Point: Select according to the weighing program of the weighing module. At this time, we have to see the total weight of the material to be weighed by the steel pot on your weighing module. Generally, the range of the weighing module can be selected. 50% to 70% of this total weight. Generally, there are more column-selection modules for larger measuring ranges, and cantilever and bellows-type modules for smaller measuring ranges.
The second point: Choose according to the installation position of the weighing module. If you want to choose a better limit at the bottom of the weighing module you want to use at the construction site, it is generally sufficient to install the sensor directly at this time.
The third point: Choose according to the on-site environment of the weighing module. If the weighing module you purchase has corrosive gas or corrosive liquid, we must basically choose the weighing module of pure stainless steel. If the weighing module you purchase is If it is used in an explosion-proof environment, an explosion-proof weighing module must be selected.
Fourth point: Choose according to the working conditions of the weighing module. If the weighing module you purchase is used for vibration, you should choose the dynamic load weighing module. If it is used in a static state, you can choose the static load weighing module. Up.

Weighing module installation:
1: The weighing module integrates the load transfer device of the load cell and the installation connecting plate. Its unique design not only guarantees the high precision of the shear beam sensor and good long-term stability, but also solves almost all factors. Errors caused by improper installation. It weighs accurately, is safe and reliable, and has diversified installation methods, suitable for various harsh environments.
2: The installation structure of the weighing module is divided into three structures: fixed, floating and semi-floating, allowing slight deformation of the container.
3: Static load weighing module installation method: stainless steel material is used to effectively resist the corrosion of corrosive substances. Three structures of fixed, floating and semi-floating can be used under various harsh conditions.
4: Dynamic load weighing module installation method: In the installation method of four dynamic load weighing modules, generally two of the weighing modules are limited on three sides, and the other two weighing modules are limited only at the ends.


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