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How cast iron weights prevent rust

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In the metal processing industry, many metals are prone to rust, so how can we prevent these metal parts from rusting in cast iron weights? We can choose the anti-rust method according to the anti-rust requirements and standards:

[Cast Iron Weights]

1. Short-term process (0-30 days) anti-rust can use water-soluble anti-rust liquid to carry out anti-rust. Eliminate the trouble of cleaning, colorless and transparent, environmental protection and saving. Dipping and spraying processes can be used.

2. For medium-term indoor storage or land transportation, anti-rust oil or anti-rust oil plus vapor phase anti-rust method can be used to prevent rust, which can prevent rust from one month to one year;

3. For long-term indoor storage or marine transportation, the method of applying solvent-diluted anti-rust oil plus vapor phase anti-rust packaging/other protective packaging should be used to prevent rust, which can prevent rust for 1 to 3 years. 


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