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How keep high-grade stainless steel weights for pharmaceutical factories

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Stainless steel weights, especially high-grade stainless steel weights, have very high storage requirements. The weights used in the analysis room include reference weights and daily use weights (one set for each of the same specifications). Both the reference weight and the daily use weight are verified (calibrated) by a qualified unit and used as the company's reference equipment. Daily use weight refers to the weight used to check whether the balance is normal in daily work. Calibration of standard weights The weight entrusts a qualified unit to perform regular verification (calibration) And implement the next verification (calibration) within the validity period of the verification. The validity period of the calibration of the weights shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations (regulations) of the verification report. Management of standard weights Storage conditions for weights: weights must be stored in a closed container with small changes in temperature and humidity and no vibration. 


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