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How to connect the two methods

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First define the switch power supply positive, switch power supply negative, feedback positive, feedback negative, data signal positive and data signal negative of the sensor socket on the display screen. If it is a 6-wire transmitter, the two groups of wires with small sensor resistor measured are switching power supply positive and feedback positive respectively; The switching power supply is negative and the feedback is negative. After receiving the display screen, load the sensor. Accurately measure the current value (millivolt) of the other two lines, which is positive to the display data signal and negative to the display data signal; If it is a four wire value, the positive and negative wiring of the switching power supply and feedback, and the negative and negative wiring of the switching power supply of the display screen must be connected. Use a multimeter to measure the four wires of the sensor. Among them, the two with larger resistance values are switching power supplies, and the other two are data signals;


According to the origin of the sensor, it can be distinguished by the color of the wire. Generally, red is positive for the switching power supply, black is negative for the switching power supply, yellow is positive for the data signal, and white is negative for the data signal.


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