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How to inspect the Life Raft

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How to inspect the Life Raft

As inflatable life raft is an important life-saving equipment with irreplaceable performance of other life-saving equipment, it should be inspected and maintained regularly. So, what are the overhaul steps of inflatable life raft?

1. The maintenance table shall be prepared according to the maintenance instructions of life raft, and the maintenance shall be carried out accordingly.

2. The overhaul interval of each life raft shall not exceed 12 months. If the appearance is good, it can be extended to 17 months by the ship inspection bureau.

3. Generally, the service life of the raft is 10 ~ 15 years. If it exceeds a certain service life, it may not comply with SOLAS Convention and should be scrapped and replaced.

4. The quick decoupling, fixed rope, head cable, shackle, storage cylinder seal, rope plug, etc. shall be inspected once a month.

5. Do not paint or cover the surface of the storage cylinder for protection.

6. The hydrostatic pressure applicator shall be inspected once every 12 months, or it can be extended to 17 months with the consent of the ship inspection department.

7. The overhaul shall be sent to the inflatable life raft overhaul station approved by the ship inspection bureau.

8. One month before the expiration of the overhaul of inflatable life raft, the third mate shall submit the overhaul application to the Marine Machinery Department of the company.

9. The above inspection items shall be recorded.

When the inflatable life raft is used, the raft and the storage barrel can be thrown directly into the water. The life raft can be automatically inflated and formed for people in distress. If the ship sinks too fast to throw it into the water, when the ship sinks to a certain depth under the water, the hydrostatic pressure relief device on the raft will automatically disengage and release the life raft, and the life raft will surface and automatically inflate and form.

The casting steps are as follows:

1. Pull off the opening of the chain hook on the hydrostatic pressure release slightly, push out the small ring to make the chain hook fall, or rotate the manual decoupling device upward, and the raft slides from the raft frame to the sea. Or lift the raft manually and throw it into the water.

2. If the height of the raft storage deck from the water surface is less than 11m, or when the raft is thrown into the water and still does not expand, it is necessary to continue to pull out the head cable and open the valve of the inflatable steel cylinder to make the raft inflate and float on the sea surface.

3. If the raft is overturned after entering the water, it shall be righted. The righting personnel shall wear life jackets, climb to the bottom of the raft, stand on the side of the steel cylinder, pull the righting belt at the bottom of the raft with both hands, squat down and lean back, and pay attention to righting in the wind.


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