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How to install the Life Raft

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How to install the Life Raft

Inflatable life raft is a kind of life-saving equipment developed in the 1960s. It is made of rubber and usually folded and placed in a FRP container. The shape of the container is usually a hemispherical cylinder with two ends. In case of emergency use in case of distress, the life raft is automatically inflated and formed by pulling the valve of its own inflatable steel cylinder (generally CO2 gas). The inflated life raft has a certain buoyancy and space, so as to realize the purpose of carrying people in distress and falling into the water and achieve the purpose of life-saving.

The inflatable life raft is folded and stored in a FRP container with protection function. It is equipped with corresponding fixing devices to install the life raft on the raft frame on both sides of the ship. It is mainly composed of hydrostatic pressure relief device, flower basket screw, quick decoupling and binding rope. Tighten the flower basket screws to firmly bind the life raft to the raft frame. Hydrostatic pressure releaser is a device that can automatically release the life raft when the ship sinks rapidly, the life raft cannot be released from the raft frame in time and sink into the water at the same time with the ship. After receiving a certain water pressure, it can release the life raft automatically. Generally, it can be disengaged automatically when the water depth does not exceed 4m.

General requirements for storage of life rafts in SOLAS Convention

1. The liferaft or its storage device will not interfere with the operation of any other liferaft or rescue boat stored at any other landing station;

2. For the storage of each life raft, its head cable shall be firmly tied to the ship;

3. Each life raft or life raft group shall be stored with a free floating device complying with the requirements of 4.1.6 of LSA rules, so that each life raft can float freely. If it is inflatable, it can inflate automatically when the ship sinks;

4. The storage of life rafts shall be able to manually release one raft or container from its fastening device at a time.

Key points and common problems of life raft storage

1. The structure on the top of the life raft affects the release of hydrostatic pressure

Except SOLAS ch / reg31 1.4 in addition to the additional life rafts equipped, the life rafts shall be connected with hydrostatic pressure release to realize the function of free floating. Figure 1 shows the arrangement of life rafts of an automobile ferry. The life rafts are stored between two decks, which hinders free floating. There are two ways of rectification: changing the storage position of the life raft, or evaluating the distance between the upper and lower decks of the life raft and adding sliding guide rods. It is a common way for many passenger ships and container ships to select guide rods to meet free floating when the life raft cannot avoid the upper deck due to ship structure problems.


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