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How to use Life Raft

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How to use Life Raft

Life rafts are life-saving equipment and equipment equipped for ships to escape from dangerous areas or evacuate from dead ships in an emergency. They can also be used as special equipment for flood fighting and disaster prevention. Life raft is a modern raft made of synthetic materials, including metal pipe, composite pipe, plastic pipe, synthetic resin or glass fiber pipe.

The bow cable is set at the head of the life raft, which is a cable that plays a connecting effect between the life raft and the fixture. The life raft shall maintain normal floating condition after carrying enough additional passengers and getting off the vehicle. The lumen buoyancy tube of the life raft shall be separated into at least two independent air chambers. The buoyancy tube shall be set so that the life raft can still operate normally when any air chamber is damaged.

The life rafts are usually packed and stored in FRP storage tanks. The life rafts are installed on the special raft rack on the side of the ship, which can directly throw the rafts into the water. The life rafts can be automatically inflated and formed for people in distress. If the ship sinks too fast to throw the raft into the water, when the ship sinks to a certain depth, the hydrostatic pressure release on the life raft rack will automatically disengage, Release the life raft, and the life raft will surface and automatically inflate and form.

The total weight of the life raft should not exceed 185kg. The appearance shall be symmetrical and the color shall be uniform. There shall be no defects affecting the application such as glue opening, delamination and bubbles. It can be stored at the ambient temperature of - 10 ~ + 65 ℃ without damage; It can be used in the water temperature range of - 1 ~ + 30 ℃.


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