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Instructions for use of axle load meter

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1. Both ends of each weighing platform are equipped with interfaces, and the two weighing platforms are in no particular order and can be connected in any combination.

2. There are mounting holes on both sides of the weighing platform, and the mounting holes should be aligned when installing on a slope to ensure stable and reliable installation.

3. When connecting, the connecting wire should be connected between the two weighing platforms. It is not advisable to bypass the weighing platform to ensure that the cable is not crushed during weighing.

4. Choose a relatively flat ground when using it to ensure the accuracy of the detection.

5. The weighing platform should not be immersed in water for a long time, and should be used in a place where there is no stagnant water to extend the service life of the system.

6. The two weighing platforms should be placed in parallel when in use, and the distance between the two weighing platforms should be adjusted according to the needs of the vehicle type.

7. When the vehicle is inspected, the management personnel should guide correctly to prevent the inspection accuracy from being affected by the obvious unbalanced load. The vehicle speed requires a constant speed and should be controlled within 5km/h.


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