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Introduction of water weights

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Introduction of water weights

The water bag is made of high-strength PVC molecular coating material. The warp and weft stress of the material has been strictly tested and inspected. The size of the bag determines the volume, professional appearance and stress design of accessories (bottom connecting ring, shackle, strong ring and lifting belt). It is the key lifting device to limit the rated load. In addition, multiple lifting belts are inserted around the bag body, with beautiful spacing and uniform stress.

The multifunctional weight test water bag is a new multi-purpose weight test product. Compared with the restrictions of traditional weight test products, such as excessive weight and inconvenient transportation, the new multifunctional weight test water bag has unique advantages. It has the advantages of light weight, small volume and convenient transportation. In addition, it is safe and environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is a new weight test product that gradually replaces the traditional weight test method. Our water bag adopts the characteristics of side drainage to reduce the pressure at the bottom. Make it safer and more convenient for water injection. The applicability, economy and safety of water bags are widely used in many industries.

2. Product features

① Light

The bag body is made of special cloth, which can be folded during transportation, greatly reducing the floor space of the empty bag. In addition, the cloth has light weight, high strength and convenient transportation. It is ten times smaller than the transportation weight of traditional trial weight products.

② Safe

The whole water bag is welded and formed by high-frequency machine, and the bag body is interspersed with high-strength fiber sling, so that the lifting safety of water bag is fully guaranteed. Special treatment shall be adopted at the pressed joint to ensure the safety and firmness of the overall structure of the water bag. The minimum safety factor of each water bag is 1:5 to ensure that it will not be affected by the outside world and produce safety accidents in extreme environments.

③ Environmental protection

The water bag is welded with special cloth, which is safe, environmental friendly and non-toxic. It has the characteristics of low temperature resistance, seawater resistance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance. The applicable ambient temperature is - 50 ℃ - 80 ℃, and it is suitable for cold and hot areas. It can store fresh water, gasoline and other liquids for a long time as a storage container.

④ Function

The weight test is the * * and greatest advantage of the water bag. It can be used for crane lifting test, deck strength test, drilling ship cantilever beam test and so on. At the same time, in places with poor environment, water bags can also be used as soft containers to store water, oil and other liquids for a long time, which can be used for material delivery and disaster relief.


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