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KS0027 Kitchen Scale Food Cooking Kitchen Food Scale for Baking And Cooking


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Product information:

Name: portable electronic luggage scale

Color: blue, green, white, red, black, and more than 1K can be made in color

Product features

Large range: 5000g

High precision 1g

White backlight anti display high-definition display

Dishwasher separate bowl optional

ABS environmental protection materials


Design of built-in bowl body:

Range 5000g, minimum score 1g

Unit: g/ml/oz/lb.oz

High definition liquid crystal display, size: 40*18mm

White backlight display

Battery 2xAAA

Remove the skin function and turn off the machine automatically.

Product size: 180x180x57mm

Color box size: 190x180x65mm

K10 large box 20 sets of installation: 385x350x395mm

Gross weight: 8kg