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Method for early diagnosis of load cell "sub-health"-4

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Method for early diagnosis of load cell "sub-health"
[Abstract] This article introduces a principle and method of early and accurate diagnosis of the "sub-health" condition of load cells.
[Keywords] early; diagnosis; "sub-health"; load cell; method
I. Introduction
With the continuous deepening of enterprise technological transformation, electronic weighing instruments have been used more and more widely in process flow, process control, and settlement and measurement. The resistance strain type load cell (hereinafter referred to as the sensor) is a kind of metal elastic body as the force
-Measuring instruments with electric conversion function, and sensors are the core components of electronic weighing instruments. Due to the inherent characteristics of the sensor itself
And in a complex and harsh environment, its failures are characterized by diversity and complexity, and the failure rate is also higher. Present
Replacing the sensor in the field judgment will not only affect the normal production rhythm, but even cause the wind, the furnace, the defective product and the failure to calculate
The amount, etc., seriously affect the economic benefits of the enterprise. Maintenance personnel hope that there is a way to advance the sensor failure


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