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Popularization and application of explosion-proof electronic scales

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As a measurement method, explosion-proof electronic scales are not only a single weighing tool that provides weight data, but also an integral part of industrial control systems and business management systems, which promote the modernization of industrial production automation and management. To shorten the working time, improve operating conditions, reduce energy and material consumption, improve product quality, strengthen corporate management, improve business management and other aspects.

It can work in various environments, the weight signal can be transmitted remotely, it is easy to realize the digitization of the weight display, and it is easy to connect with the computer to realize the automation of the production process and improve the labor productivity. From the perspective of the world level, the explosion-proof electronic weighing scale technology has gone through four stages, from the traditional mechanical weighing scale composed entirely of mechanical components to the electromechanical combined scale that replaces some mechanical components with electronic circuits, and then from the integrated circuit type to the current Electronic price calculation scale designed by single chip microcomputer system. my country's explosion-proof electronic scales have developed from the initial electromechanical combination type to the current full electronic type and digital intelligent type. Nowadays, explosion-proof weighing electronic scale manufacturing technology and application have obtained new developments: explosion-proof electronic weighing technology has developed from static weighing to dynamic weighing; measurement methods have evolved from analog measurement to digital measurement; measurement characteristics have evolved from single-parameter measurement to multi-parameter measurement. Conventional test instruments and control devices have been replaced by more advanced intelligent instruments, making traditional electronic measuring instruments have great changes in terms of distance, function, accuracy and automation level, and correspondingly various kinds of intelligence have appeared. The instrument control system significantly improves the automation of scientific experiments and application engineering.

The application of explosion-proof electronic weighing scales has spread to various fields of the national economy and has achieved significant economic benefits. It is widely used in various fields such as industry and agriculture, scientific research, transportation, domestic and foreign trade, and is closely connected with people's lives. Explosion-proof electronic weighing scales are one of the electronic weighing instruments. Weighing instruments weighing indicator are national legal measuring instruments, and are indispensable measuring equipment for national economy and people's livelihood, national defense construction, scientific research, and domestic and foreign trade. The level of technological level of weighing products will directly affect the modernization of various industries. Improve the level and social and economic benefits.


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