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Precautions for explosion-proof load cell

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1: The same medium that is easy to cause explosion, the quality of explosion degree in different areas and the difference of areas determine that the type of explosion-proof load cell is not suitable. Therefore, before selecting explosion-proof sensor, it is necessary to determine the area of hazardous medium in the application site, so as to select the combined sensing crystal type.


2: Determine the form, category, level and temperature group of explosion-proof load cells in turn. Due to the different risk degree and factors of explosion caused by the supervision environment, the wrong judgment of each link may lead to huge losses and disasters. Therefore, when installing the invented explosion-proof weighing sensor, the form, category, level and temperature group of the explosion-proof electronic scale must be determined in order to ensure the safe use of the explosion-proof weighing sensor


3: Gas explosion protection and dust explosion protection are completely different. Coal mine explosion protection is completely different from conventional explosion protection. Just as high temperature, lightning, Mars and other factors can cause fires, and different substances are required to extinguish different fires, explosion protection systems may cause different explosions due to different factors. This requires enterprises to select the most appropriate sensor according to the factors that may cause explosion when installing explosion-proof load cells;


4: The installation and use of explosion-proof load cells must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction and use specifications


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