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Principle of bellows load cell

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The weighing sensor is a weight measuring device, which converts the weight signal of an object into an electrical signal and displays the weight of the object to people through the electrical signal. At the beginning of weighing, once the object is placed on the sensor, the elastomer will deform due to the pressure of the object. The deformation of the elastomer will cause the deformation of the resistance strain gauge on its surface. The deformation of the resistance strain gauge will cause the change of its resistance value. Then the increase or decrease of the resistance value will be converted into an electrical signal through the detection circuit, so that the weight of the object can be displayed.


Corrugated pipe type weighing sensor is also called bending beam structure sensor, which is formed by welding and sealing of metal corrugated pipe, so it is also called corrugated pipe type sensor. Inert gas is filled into the corrugated pipe. It can bear two kinds of stress forms, such as tension and compression, with strong overload resistance, fatigue resistance, and eccentric load resistance. It can be applied to electronic belt scales, hopper scales, platform scales, and other scales, as well as electronic transformation of various material experiments and other force measuring devices.


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