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Problems in the Application of Spoke Sensors

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5.1 Measuring range of spoke sensor

Generally, the closer the sensor range is to the load borne by the sensor, the higher the weighing accuracy. Because if the object to be weighed is light (such as 10T), but a sensor with a large range (such as 50T) is selected, the numerical error will be large. In practical application, the influence of eccentric load, vibration and shock on the sensor should also be considered, so if the sensor range is too small, the sensor will be damaged. Therefore, a variety of influencing factors should be considered when selecting the sensor to ensure the normal operation of the sensor and extend its service life. In addition, when the spoke sensor is used with the instrument, because the instrument is a general-purpose device (with multiple measuring ranges), the instrument should also select the appropriate measuring range when using load cells with different carrying capacities. If the selection is not appropriate, the staff may make misjudgment and misoperation on the collected data, and even damage the load cell in serious cases.


5.2 Working environment of spoke sensor

With the continuous maturity of the spoke sensor technology, its requirements for the working environment are more relaxed. However, in the actual application process, we still need to consider the impact of the working environment on the sensor, such as dust, humid environment will short-circuit the sensor; The highly corrosive environment will cause damage to the sensor elastomer or short circuit. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the accuracy of the sensor, we should artificially avoid the adverse effects of the bad working environment on the sensor. For example, in a dusty and humid environment, it can be completely closed by welding or other methods, and the upper part can be made into a circular arc, so that its stress is uniform. In addition, when the size allows, it can also be considered to add a protective cover outside the sensor to reduce the adverse impact of the external environment on the sensor.


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