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Receiving and sending of loadometer sensors

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Receiving and sending of loadometer sensors
The weighbridge sensor is ubiquitous in the modern science and technology industry, because it is a sturdy, durable, and reliable electromechanical product. How to connect correctly can ensure the normal use of the instrument, so here is the correct weighing sensor for everyone Connection.
Types of loadometer sensors:
Sensors can be divided into column type, bridge type, spoke type, cantilever type and so on.
The characteristics of the column sensor are: low cost, small size, good sealing performance, very suitable for humid environments, strong carrying capacity; its disadvantages are low sensitivity, low stability, and anti-eccentric load and anti-lateral ability within a certain range It is better than the bridge type, and a limit device must be installed.
The characteristics of the bridge sensor are: high sensitivity, strong stability, can be automatically reset, no limit device is installed; the disadvantage is: within a certain range, it is easy to be affected by the lateral force, and the error is larger than that of the column type.
Spoke sensor: The sensor itself has a low height and can withstand large lateral forces; it is resistant to partial load and is insensitive to changes in the force point; it is suitable for scales with low heights such as axle load meters.
The cantilever beam sensor has the following characteristics: strong anti-eccentric load ability and high accuracy. The sensitivity of the sensor is basically the same when the sensor is stretched and compressed, so it is especially suitable for the measurement of simultaneous tension and compression; low profile, small size, light weight , Easy to install and maintain; the disadvantage is that the full-scale accuracy is not high.


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