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Relevant features of explosion-proof load cell

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1: Pressure resistant and explosion-proof structure, applicable to liquid, gas, medicine, petrochemical and other industries with high explosion risk. A distinctive feature of explosion-proof weighing sensors is that they have pressure and explosion-proof structures. Compared with ordinary weighing sensors, explosion-proof weighing sensors have stronger pressure resistance, and are highly applicable to liquid, gas, drug, petrochemical and other industries with high explosion risk. They are also the first choice for these industries.


2: Explosion proof grade: Ex d Ⅱ B T4 Gb. The physical and chemical properties of explosion-proof weighing sensor platinum are very stable, and it is the best material for manufacturing thermal resistance at present. It can be seen from the materials of explosion-proof load cells that the explosion-proof grade of explosion-proof load cells is very high, and the explosion-proof effect for flammable and explosive articles is very obvious, providing a good guarantee for the safety of operators.


3: Explosion proof place: Class I, II, upper limit of operating ambient temperature is 70 ℃. In the international practical temperature scale, the platinum resistance is used as the temperature reference within the temperature range of 74 ℃. In a certain temperature range, the resistance of explosion-proof load cell can be approximately regarded as a constant. In explosion-proof places, the explosion-proof grade is particularly high, and the maximum ambient temperature for use can reach 70 ℃.


4: Strong anti-interference performance and high reliability. In recent years, many production departments are faced with many interference problems, such as high noise, weak communication signal, etc. It is urgent to solve the interference problem. Based on the continuous innovation and improvement of the improved technology of explosion-proof weighing sensor, the explosion-proof weighing sensor has gradually become popular, and its excellent anti-interference and extremely strong reliability have also been highly recognized and evaluated by users.


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