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Sales link of load cell

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Any manufacturing enterprise is not a charity, but is ultimately for profit. Sales is the ultimate embodiment of enterprise profitability. No matter how good the technology is, no matter how low the cost is, no matter how good the quality is, there is no good sales. Sales itself is also a subject. Here, the characteristics of the weighing sensor manufacturing enterprises are briefly described and some opinions are expressed.

China's load cell has completed all stages from technology introduction, digestion, absorption to independent development. The situation of once relying on imports has long gone. From the author's research on different manufacturing enterprises, at present, the sales of weighing sensors in China are in the stage of overcapacity as a whole. A considerable number of manufacturing enterprises have not produced at all, and the products manufactured at present are less than half of the actual production capacity. In the past three years, some manufacturing enterprises have closed down due to various reasons. This further confirms that the sales of domestic load cells are in a relatively difficult period.

It is worth mentioning that according to the market situation that the author has learned in recent years, the prices of several domestic conventional products with large sales volumes have fallen rather than risen, but the actual situation is that the cost of enterprises is increasing. For example, local governments are raising the labor remuneration base and social security base of employees every year, and the travel of sales and after-sales personnel is also increasing with the popularization of bullet trains and high-speed trains. Even if the purchase cost of all raw materials is assumed to be unchanged, the labor cost, sales cost, logistics cost, etc. are increasing. This also fully shows that the profits of the enterprise are gradually declining. On the contrary, foreign brands, including foreign enterprises that have set up factories in China, have a price increase of about 10% every year on the basis of maintaining the existing product prices that are several or even ten times higher than those of domestic brands. Even in the recent two years when China's economy is weak, the price has also kept a rise of about 5%. The technical parameters and quality of some products of domestic load cells are close to or better than those of similar foreign brands, and the price gap is still worth rethinking. In the face of such an industrial sales situation, the weighing sensor manufacturing enterprises in China must pay great attention to it.

Why does the situation described above occur? Based on comprehensive analysis, the author believes that the main reason is that there is no good sales management to implement a good price system. The sales and circulation link of any industrial product is completed by different types of companies through division of labor and cooperation. In the sales process, the profit of the sales and circulation link should be fully guaranteed. If the interests of salesmen, dealers, agents and system integrators cannot be guaranteed. Systematic sales work will be difficult to carry out, and is not conducive to the formation of branding. The weighing sensor manufacturers of international famous brands have adopted a strict global price system and a strict management system. Domestic weighing sensors are different, and the overall price of the product is not high. In order to seize the sales market in different regions, the price gap between regions is large, and there is no perfect management system to strictly restrict, resulting in serious cross shipment of the same products between different regions, leading to market price confusion. In the current environment of highly transparent information, selling any product without paying attention to sales management and price system will inevitably result in many unfavorable factors for enterprise development. Although a few well-known weighing sensor manufacturers in China have realized this problem, the problem has been formed for a long time, and it is difficult to make great changes in the short term. Although the sales and promotion of e-commerce platforms have less impact on the overall market layout of industrial products than those of daily necessities, digital products, clothing and other industries. But we can also see the problem.

With the global economic integration, China's load cells have already been sold to the world. The holding of industry exhibitions and the exchange of domestic and foreign technical exchanges have greatly promoted the export share of China's weighing sensors. It is not difficult to see this from the data of China Weighing Instrument Industry Yearbook released by China Weighing Instrument Association every year. International practices and international technical specifications must be followed. This is also a considerable challenge for domestic manufacturing enterprises. Both domestic and foreign sales. At present, China's load cell manufacturing industry must pay attention to the following points:

1: Malignant competition and low price competition will seriously damage the interests of our country's weighing sensor enterprises. Underlying low price competition is often to sacrifice product quality and reduce raw material costs. Especially for some small and medium-sized enterprises, do not damage the interests of the entire industry in pursuit of temporary profits.

2: Relevant functions or management organizations must formulate a principle to guide enterprises to follow and implement. The sharp decline in the profits of load cells is closely related to vicious competition and disorderly competition.

3: The products must strictly implement the national standards of load cells, the national metrological verification regulations and other relevant regulations, strictly grasp the quality, and establish the Chinese brand of load cells.

4: Clarify the international trend, with the increase of RMB exchange rate, inflationary pressure, the increase of human resource costs, the rise of international raw materials, the reduction of national export tax rebates and other factors. The final profits of enterprises are also changing dynamically, and low price competition will inevitably increase the pressure on enterprises to survive. We must actively respond to and clarify the situation to protect and promote the healthy development of the industry.

5: Be responsible not only for the enterprise itself but also for the industry.


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