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Several Development Trends of Load Cell In China

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According to the conversion method, the weighing sensor can be divided into 8 types, including photoelectric type, hydraulic type, electromagnetic force type, capacitive type, magnetic pole conversion type, vibration type, gyro type, resistance strain type, etc. Resistance strain type is widely used. In fact, the load cell is a device that converts the quality signal into measurable electrical signal output. The actual working environment of the sensor must be considered first when using the sensor, which is very important for the correct selection of the weighing sensor. It is related to the normal work and service life of the sensor, and even to the reliability of the entire weighing device. In terms of the basic concepts and evaluation methods of the main technical indicators of the load cell, there are qualitative differences between the new and old national standards. There are mainly S type, cantilever type, spoke type, plate ring type, capsule type, bridge type, column type and other types. The comprehensive error band of the weighing sensor is connected with the error band of the weighing device, and the weighing sensor corresponding to a precision weighing device can be selected.


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