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Several Development Trends of Load Cells

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1: Industrialized development mode of weighing sensor: accelerate the formation of an industrial development mode from sensor research and development to large-scale production, and take a leap forward development path combining independent development and cooperation, so that China will become a major sensor producer in the world.


2: The product structure of load cell is oriented to * *, coordinated and sustainable development. The product variety is inclined to high-tech and high added value, especially to fill the "blank" variety.


3: The production scale (annual production capacity) of the enterprise develops towards economies of scale or moderate economies of scale. The production scale of large-scale, wide range universal sensors is calculated by hundreds of millions of units per year, and the production scale of some medium range sensors is calculated by 10 million units per year (including more than 10 million units). The production scale of some sensors and special sensors will reach hundreds of thousands to millions each year.


4. The production mode is developing towards specialization. The connotation of specialized production is: fewer and better sensors are produced; Specializing in the production of a certain type of sensor products required for a certain application field to obtain a higher market share; Specialized cooperative production of various sensor enterprises.


5: The mass production technology of load cell is developing towards automation. The variety and complexity of sensor manufacturing technology depend on the variety and diversity of sensors and the difference of sensitive materials used. Looking at the current sensor process production line, most of the processes have achieved stand-alone automation, but there are still many difficulties to achieve full automation of the production process. It needs to make a breakthrough in the future by widely applying advanced automation equipment such as CAD, CAM and industrial robots.


6: The key technological transformation of enterprises should strengthen the transformation from relying on imported technology to absorbing imported technology and independent development.


7: Enterprises should speed up the development from the domestic market to the combination of domestic and foreign markets.


8: The enterprise structure will develop into a pattern of "simultaneous development of large, medium and small enterprises" and "coexistence of collectivization and specialized production".


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