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Structure of bellows load cell

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A lot of mechanical equipment will be used in industry, which plays a large role. Products such as bellows load cells also have a very important position in the industry, mainly because of its wide range of applications. There are many accessories in the bellows load cell. Don't underestimate these accessories. If there are few corresponding accessories, the bellows load cell may not be used. This article mainly tells us the structure of the bellows load cell.

The bellow weighing sensor adopts cantilever shear structure, bellow seal, nitrogen filling, and has the advantages of high precision, good dust prevention, stable performance, convenient installation, etc. Moreover, it has strong overload resistance and eccentric load resistance. Steel corrugated pipe, sealed by laser welding, reliable performance, small influence of eccentricity and lateral force, good dynamic response, high measurement accuracy, strong overload resistance and long service life. It is suitable for measuring occasions with small load, especially for manufacturing electronic belt scales, sorting scales, platform scales, hopper scales, container scales, etc. It can be used in various fields such as measurement, detection, adjustment, automatic control, etc. when combined with instruments.


It is believed that there will be more and more products like bellows load cells in the future, and we will know about them after we get more contact with them. The society is progressing, and the related technology is also constantly improving. In the future, there will be other products with better performance in all aspects. I believe that there will be other products that will gradually replace the bellows weighing sensor.

The bellows load cell is made of stainless steel and sealed by welding, with the protection level up to IP68.


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