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The car dynamically passes or stands still on a weighing table

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The car dynamically passes or stands still on a weighing table with a certain width, and the weighing table weighs the weight of each wheel, and then the axle weight and the total weight of the car are accumulated! This weighing process is a strong real-time process, requiring sensors to quickly collect the wheel axle weight of the car and calculate the total weight.
The working principle of the weighing platform is as follows: when a weight is applied to the weighing platform, the sensor of the weighing platform releases a voltage signal, and the output signal is proportional to the weight of the weight. The signal is transmitted to the amplifier and amplified, Then it is converted into a digital signal by the analog-to-digital converter and displayed on the display.
A single board is the wheel weight value of the car, and the two boards are the axle weights. According to the axle type of the car, the total weight of the car can be added up.
In addition, the sensor of the weighing platform now uses an embedded structure sensor. Compared with the previous integrated sensor, the embedded structure sensor has the advantages of higher pressure resistance and higher accuracy. Saintbond axle scale uses this kind of sensor, with wireless transmission. The working principle of the load cell is: when the weighing platform is deformed under pressure, it will change the resistance value of the resistance strain gauge in the sensor, thereby changing the signal output. The meter collects the signal and performs signal calculation and display.
The above picture shows the weighing platform, the instrument and the latest handheld instrument that supports license plate recognition.
This is the weighing platform, the shell is made of aerospace-grade cast aluminum alloy material, and the two sides are folded wheel approach bridges made of engineering alloy. Wireless transmission meter supports handwriting touch input. Built-in micro high-speed printer. The function of the meter is mainly to receive sensor signals, calculate and analyze the signals, and convert them into intuitive numerical display!


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