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The correct use method of portable dynamic electronic axle load scale-2

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The correct use method of portable dynamic electronic axle load scale

Portable axle load meters are generally used in high-speed traffic police squadrons. Its advantages are light and easy to carry, simple and convenient to use. It is a good helper for high-speed traffic police to check whether passing vehicles are overloaded. The portable portable axle load meter (also known as the portable axle load scale) uses a high-strength aluminum alloy weighing platform, which is sturdy and durable, and its protection performance reaches the IP 67 level requirement. Ultra-thin steel sensor, compact structure, anti-eccentric load, strong overload capacity. Portable dynamic electronic axle load scale with AC and DC dual purpose, integrated display and printing, convenient and fast. So, for such a convenient weighing equipment, how do we use it correctly? Let's look at them one by one below.

Portable axle load meter

Preliminary preparations and precautions for use of the portable dynamic electronic axle load scale (portable axle load scale):

1. To use after long-term storage, it must be fully charged before use.

2. Place the countertop on a stable place, place the rubber ramp and connect the countertop with the instrument interface.

3. Open the on/off key of the instrument panel.

4. The weighing control instrument self-checks and automatically resets to zero, then it can be used normally.

Static weighing method: After installing the loadometer, drive at a constant speed. The first row of wheels of the car is parked on the weighing platform, and then the weight is recorded. The second row of wheels is driven up and stopped on it, and the weight is recorded, then the third row. , The fourth row and so on. Add all the weights you wrote down to get the weight of the entire car.

a) Automatically reset to zero when power on, if there is a margin, please press the zero key.


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