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The difference between direct-view electronic crane scales wireless crane scales

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Electronic crane scales, also known as electronic crane scales and electronic crane scales, are generally divided into two types in terms of digital display methods, direct-view electronic crane scales and wireless electronic crane scales . First, look directly at the electronic crane scale: The biggest feature is that the weighing display instrument is connected with the scale body, sensor, battery, etc., and the weighing data can be directly viewed on the crane scale. Second, the wireless electronic hook scale: Parameters of the wireless crane scale This scale, its scale body is separate from the instrument, and it is not possible to view the weighing results directly on the scale body. At the same time, it can be used with large-screen monitors at the same time. This kind of scale is generally used in a high temperature environment. For example, a crane scale is installed in a high temperature workshop. The display instrument can be carried by hand, and then the data can be viewed from a long distance. The radio transmission distance is not blocked when it is not blocked. Will be less than 150 meters, and remote control of the scale body. Or place the large-screen display in other rooms, and you can view the weighing data directly and conveniently.


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