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The scope of application of explosion-proof floor scales and precautions

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The main scope of application of explosion-proof floor scales is in some petrochemical, bazaars, logistics centers and other corresponding places that require explosion protection. It is mainly suitable for manual handling, forklift handling, and cart handling, and it is placed in a foundation pit for application. Let's take a look at the scope of application of explosion-proof floor scales and related precautions.

The scope of application of explosion-proof floor scales:

The scope of application of explosion-proof floor scales is wide. It is mainly used in food, workshops, freight yards, logistics and other places with corresponding explosion-proof requirements for weighing. The floor scales are placed in the grooves for application, and the air and the scale surface are flat. Better moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and sun-proof, so that there is no obstacle when the product is transported and measured. The current explosion-proof floor scale is a kind of safe electrical equipment. Food and explosive substances and risky places are used for weighing and measurement. The whole equipment can be stored in flammable and explosive risk areas.

The explosion-proof floor scale is a low-power design, with LCD display and built-in weighing sensors, and an explosion-proof battery box. It is easy to operate. The function of the explosion-proof floor scale is rich and applicable. It can be operated with a keyboard. Easy to apply.

Precautions for the use of explosion-proof floor scales:

1:The essence of the explosion-proof floor scale is a flat type of electrical technical equipment. The whole machine includes all weighing platform sensors and control instruments, which can be placed in flammable and explosive hazardous areas. In the process of selecting an explosion-proof floor scale, you must Choose according to its type, category, level and other corresponding temperature categories.

2:The installation and use of explosion-proof floor scales must be confirmed by strict engineering construction technical standards and implemented in accordance with the corresponding national standards.

In the process of purchasing explosion-proof floor scales, the factors that determine the hazardous media should be determined, and the corresponding hazardous media categories should be divided into the place of use and the area. Currently, it is divided into gas explosion and dust explosion. Choose the corresponding electronic platform environment according to the different ways of explosion. , So as to be applied to actual industrial occasions.


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