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Tips for using bellows load cell

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1: Pay attention to the use load of the load cell. No matter what kind of sensor it is, it has its limitations. If you simply increase the weight, you will not get good data at the time, but also affect the next use. Generally, when you purchase, there is a load limit on it. You must read the instructions well before use, and pay attention to its anti-corrosion work, It is better to apply professional anti-corrosion protective materials, such as Vaseline, on the surface.


2: It should be noted that it should be handled with care, because its internal structure is more delicate. If vibration and impact occur during the process of handling, they will also affect the internal, which is likely to lead to data errors. Especially for small capacity sensors made of alloy materials, attention must be paid to prevent vibration.


3: It should be noted that when loading the device, the method is to ensure that the loading force coincides with the force axis without deflection. Only in this way can the most accurate data be obtained. If it is in the horizontal state, the plane of the base must reach the balance, otherwise, in the case of deflection, the error of the force point will naturally affect the output data of the bellows load cell.


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