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What are the five major characteristics of explosion-proof floor scales?

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Five characteristics of explosion-proof floor scales

1:The explosion-proof floor scale is suitable for IIBT4 (IICT6)

Explosion-proof floor scales are essentially safe electrical equipment, suitable for weighing and measuring explosive substances and risky places. The whole equipment (including weighing platforms, sensors, and weighing instruments) can be placed in explosive risk areas, such as the explosion-proof products produced by our company. The floor scale has strong explosion-proof function.

2:Low power consumption planning for explosion-proof floor scales

Choose LCD display, high impedance load cell, built-in explosion-proof battery box, DC power supply, 4 ordinary dry batteries can be used for 200 hours (high-performance alkaline batteries can be used for 500 hours).

3:The explosion-proof floor scale has rich functions, simple operation, 9 user parameters, 11 clock system parameters and 48 internal parameter settings, rich functions and wide application; keyboard calibration, simple and convenient operation.

4:Explosion-proof loadometer status indication, function self-check

Zero position, peeling, stability, battery lack and scale function stop status indication; actively carry out function detection, and show the abnormal conditions detected, prompting the user to use it normally, and facilitate troubleshooting.

5:Explosion-proof platform scale stainless steel shell, fully sealed plan;


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