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What are the key points for selecting explosion-proof load cells?

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Explosion proof load cells are classified into intrinsically safe type and explosion-proof isolation type. They have fast response speed, stable performance and can be remotely operated. When purchasing explosion-proof sensors, different types of sensors should be selected according to the application and requirements. Here are the key points for selecting explosion-proof load cells:


1: Understand the application range of various sensors

The selection of explosion-proof weighing sensor type mainly depends on the weighing type and installation space to ensure correct installation and safe and reliable weighing; On the other hand, the manufacturer's recommendations should be considered. When using load cells, some knowledge must be mastered, such as the selection of load cell grade, application scope and application environment. These knowledge points are very important to users.


2: Selection of accuracy grade of explosion-proof weighing sensor

The accuracy grade of explosion-proof weighing sensor includes such technical indicators as nonlinearity, creep, repeatability, hysteresis and sensitivity of the sensor. When choosing, we should not blindly pursue high-grade sensors, but should consider the accuracy level and cost of electronic scales. Generally, the total accuracy of the selected sensor is the root mean square value of the sum of the three indicators of nonlinearity, non repeatability and hysteresis, which is slightly higher than the accuracy of the scale.


3: Operating environment

Explosion proof load cell is actually an output device that converts mass signal into measurable electrical signal. Before using the sensor, the actual working environment of the sensor must be considered, which is very important for the correct selection of the sensor. It is related to whether the sensor can work normally, the safety and service life of the sensor, and even the reliability and safety of the entire weighing instrument.

Generally speaking, high temperature environment will lead to problems such as melting of coating materials, solder joint opening, change of elastomer stress structure, etc; Influence of dust and humidity on sensor short circuit; The sensor elastomer may be damaged or short circuited in a strong corrosive environment; The electromagnetic field will interfere with the sensor output.

Explosion proof load cells generally achieve explosion-proof purpose by controlling explosive gas, explosive range and ignition source. The basis of explosive gas control is that the explosive gas composition can be checked in the sealed explosion-proof box according to the explosion-proof load cell, so as to identify and check the risk factors and eliminate the possible explosion hazards in the inspection process. The explosion-proof control range is based on the explosion-proof weighing sensor shell and instrument, which are made of materials with explosion-proof functions through special processes, so as to prevent the explosion inside the shell from spreading, avoid the danger caused by explosion outside the shell, and effectively control the explosion range. This technology is used to control ignition sources, and intrinsically safe explosion-proof methods are adopted according to standards to ensure that there is no danger on site. The application of explosion-proof sensors ensures the safety of workers to a certain extent and reduces the occurrence of accidents.


When using this product, it should be noted that the explosion-proof transmitter must strictly comply with the explosion-proof regulations during installation. Shock and vibration shall be avoided during installation. If the explosion-proof sensor is installed under freezing conditions, antifreeze measures shall be taken to prevent the sensor from contacting with overheating or corrosive media. In order to ensure that the explosion-proof sensor can work normally, more attention should be paid during installation


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