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What is life Raft

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What is life Raft

Life rafts refer to the boats without self-propelled capability for life-saving on board. A certain amount of food and fresh water are provided in the life raft for the crew to drift on the sea and wait for help.

Life rafts can be divided into rigid life rafts and inflatable life rafts according to their structural forms.

Inflatable life rafts are divided into inflatable life rafts, inflatable life buoys and inflatable self righting life rafts.

1. Inflatable life raft

This kind of life raft is provided with buoyancy by the upper and lower buoyancy tubes made of rubber materials, and the tent is made of double-layer waterproof nylon cloth, which is inflated with gas into small rafts with tent, such as circle, ellipse or polygon. After the life raft is stacked, it is stored in the FRP storage barrel together with the accessories. Inflatable life rafts have advanced design, compact structure, good safety, convenient movement, simple operation and rapid formation, so they are widely used in all kinds of civil and military ships at sea.

There are two types of inflatable life rafts: mechanical hanging and throwing. The mechanical suspended raft has been inflated before entering the water; The throwing life raft is inflated and formed on the sea surface. During the inflation and forming process, the life raft may be overturned. In this way, it needs to be manually launched and straightened before it can be used for boarding.

2. Inflatable life buoy

Except that there is no tent, the manufacturing materials, main structure, performance requirements, forming process, storage requirements and accessories of inflatable life raft are the same as those of inflatable life raft, but the release method is only throwing type. Its features are:

(1) No roof. After the raft is inflated and formed on the water surface, the personnel in the water can board the floating appliance from two boarding platforms symmetrically set on both sides of the floating appliance or any side, which is convenient and fast.

(2) There are more rated passengers than inflatable life rafts with tarpaulins, which can carry up to 50 people.

(3) The double-layer raft bottom of the lifebuoy is arranged between the upper and lower buoyancy tubes. Therefore, no matter what sea conditions are applied, the floating appliance is in a floating state after inflatable forming on the sea surface (both sides can be used), and manual righting is not required.

(4) This kind of life-saving buoy has no roof, and its personnel are greatly affected by sea conditions and climate. It is mainly equipped on passenger ships.

3. Inflatable self righting life raft

In order to overcome the possible overturning of inflatable life rafts in the sea surface forming process, avoid the difficulty of personnel launching and righting the raft, and meet the needs of survival personnel at sea for safety and rapid response, some manufacturers have developed inflatable self righting life rafts. Once this kind of life raft is overturned on the sea during the release process, because the top of the raft is in a circular shape, the contact surface with water can be reduced, and the sum of the weight of the raft body and accessories can make its center of gravity at the bottom of the life raft. After the life raft is inflated and formed, it can be straightened by itself.


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