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What is the function of explosion-proof electronic weighing sensor

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On the basis of commonly used electronic scales, explosion-proof electronic scales take various technical measures such as voltage reduction, current limiting, isolation, sealing and optical cable communication to eliminate the possible source of detonation in the electrical circuit of the scales, so that the electronic scales can work reliably in the corresponding hazardous areas. The equipment shall be equipped with a load cell: this accessory must have good explosion-proof performance. Junction box: the junction box of explosion-proof scale shall be reliable.


The load cell of the explosion-proof electronic scale is actually a device that converts the mass signal into measurable electrical signal output. It measures the force of an object by checking the load borne by the load-bearing carrier. The load cell can convert the pressure from the carrier into corresponding electrical signal to achieve the purpose of measurement. The load cell is a device that converts the mass signal into measurable electrical signal output.


The working principle of the explosion-proof electronic weighing sensor is to stretch and thin the metal resistance wire under tension, and then the resistance increases, that is, the metal resistance changes with the strain it bears. The weighing sensor is a conversion device used to convert the weight signal or pressure signal into the electrical quantity signal. The structural principle of the weighing sensor is that the metal resistance has the characteristics of preventing current flow. Generally, the thinner the metal wire, the greater the resistance value, When the metal resistance wire expands and contracts under the external force, its resistance value will increase or decrease within a certain range. Therefore, if the metal wire (or film) is tightly attached to the object to be measured, the metal resistance wire will expand and contract proportionally when the object to be measured expands and contracts under the external force, and its resistance value will change accordingly. The load cell will paste the metal resistance strain gauge on the metal weighing beam to measure the weight signal.


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