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What is the working principle of explosion-proof load cell

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With the application and continuous development of explosion-proof electronic scales, explosion-proof load cells are also developing with the times. They are generally suitable for use in hazardous environments where flammability and explosiveness have certain requirements for explosion-proof. They are characterized by high explosion-proof grade, stable performance and simple installation, and have been used in many application fields. So, what is the working principle of explosion-proof load cell?


Explosion proof load cells generally achieve explosion-proof purpose by controlling explosive gas, explosive range and explosive source. The explosive gas control is based on the fact that the explosive gas composition can be checked in a sealed explosion-proof box by the explosion-proof weighing sensor, so as to identify and check the dangerous factors and eliminate the potential explosion hazards in the inspection process.


The explosion control range is based on the fact that the explosion-proof weighing sensor shell and instrument are made of explosion-proof materials with special process, which can prevent the explosion inside the shell from spreading and avoid the danger caused by explosion outside the shell, and can effectively control the explosion range. The technology is used to control the ignition source, and the intrinsically safe explosion-proof method is used according to the standard to ensure that there is no danger at the site. The application of explosion-proof sensors, to a certain extent, ensures the staff and reduces the incidence of accidents.


When using explosion-proof load cells, it should be noted that the explosion-proof transmitter must strictly comply with the explosion-proof regulations during installation, and impact and vibration should be avoided during installation. If it is installed under freezing conditions, antifreeze measures should be taken for the explosion-proof sensor, and the sensor should be prevented from contacting with overheated or corrosive media. In order to ensure that the explosion-proof sensor can work well, Therefore, we should pay more attention during the installation process.



Explosion proof load cells are divided into intrinsically safe type and explosion-proof isolation type. They have fast reaction speed, high performance stability and can be remotely operated. When selecting explosion-proof sensors, we should select different types of sensors according to the use occasions and requirements.


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