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What to pay attention to when buying an explosion-proof floor scales

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Floor scales are very common in our daily life and are responsible for the weighing of large objects. However, for some flammable and explosive dangerous places, ordinary floor scales platform scale cannot meet their normal use. At this time, you need to use explosion-proof floor scales platform scale with explosion-proof performance. If we are not very clear about explosion-proof floor scales bench scale, we will easily become confused when buying. Then how can we choose an explosion-proof floor scale platform scale that meets our needs? What do we need to know when buying?

1:Determine the requirements for explosion-proof floor scales platform scale

Explosion-proof floor scales are divided into different types of floor scales according to different explosion-proof levels and materials. Among them, gas explosion-proof and dust-proof explosion-proof are also different. Different explosive media have different requirements for explosion-proof, so you must choose according to the actual situation on site. To achieve the purpose of explosion-proof, prevent the occurrence of explosion.

2:The load-bearing range of the explosion-proof floor scale platform scale

We need to know how much the weight and size of the object we can usually reach, and choose according to the weight and size of the object to avoid overloading the weighing platform or the accuracy of the weighing result due to the object being too large to fit, and Affect the service life of the floor scale weighing scale.

3:Explosion-proof sensors weigh load cell and explosion-proof meters weighing indicator

The core of the explosion-proof floor scale platform scale is the explosion-proof sensor weighing load cell, so we must understand the quality of the sensor weighing load cell when choosing. After purchasing, we also need to know from the seller what problems we need to pay attention to when using explosion-proof floor scales, and how to do later maintenance work, so as to reduce the frequency of failures during later use and increase the service life of explosion-proof floor scales platform scale.

Through the understanding of the above points, we also have certain standards when choosing. In short, we should first clarify our needs when choosing an explosion-proof floor scale, and then choose the appropriate type of floor scale according to the site conditions. In addition, when the explosion-proof floor scale platform scale is not used for a long time, remember to cut off the power, and pay attention to drainage after rain to ensure a dry working environment.


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